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How to Register for the Team Forums

Discussion in 'LyneFC News' started by LyneFC News, May 5, 2014.

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  1. LyneFC News

    LyneFC News Guest

    How to register for forums - only accessible to those that are members or parents of members of Lyne Football Club.

    Main website is www.lynefc.co.uk and there is forum links on there, otherwise the direct link is https://youth.lynefc.co.uk.lynefc.co.uk/ . To register, top right of the forum page, click "Login or sign up". Follow the instructions and register a username etc. You will get a email, click the confirm/verify link in it. An admin will then approve your access wont verified and you will receive an automated email once this is done.

    Now, anytime you go to the Youth section of the site (youth.lynefc.co.uk ) click login, enter your details and you will see "all" the forums.

    In the list you will still see the the team you have signed up for which has all the info about upcoming games etc - just reply to the thread, either available/unavailable or otherwise. If of course its a transport issue, just put that in there and maybe we can get someone to pick him up etc.

    To get email alerts for new threads, when in any forum forum, just underneath where it says "Post New Thread", there is a option called, "Watch forum". Click it, then click "Emails" and finally click "Watch Forum" button. When a new thread is posted, you then get alerted via email. Dont reply on the email as we suggest you check your SPAM folder just in case they get diverted there. With gmail, you can white listed the domain lynefc.co.uk so you dont miss any.

    Also, subject to the phone you have, if you have a smart phone, you can download a app called Tapatalk. Bit more info is here:


    But basically, you register a tapatalk account first. Then you can search for Lyne Football club. Once you added the forum, it will prompt you to login, which you use your forum login details. You then get to see all the forums etc on your phone, and can reply from there etc.

    For issues, contact webmaster@lynefc.co.uk
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